should get that other blog post out of the way. hi welcome to dragondove! pages are posting once a week, and MIGHT go to twice a week next week. I’m waiting on to see if my proposal to smutpeddler was accepted or not before I make that decision.

but i’m super excited to see this finally off the ground! the idea for the whole thing is over two years old (maybe formed in a drunken stupor while watching the valley of gwangi.. or was it how to train your dragon?), and developed because it was strange that i didn’t have a webcomic yet… and all my ongoing stories bored me and reeked of high school. only recently did I really flesh out dragondove’s world, which tumbled right into what you’re seeing now. I’m looking forward to sharing it—and also considering supplemental lore content once the story gets underway.

I appreciate anyone who took the time to check this out, even when it’s only a few pages in. you can follow the RSS feed, or follow the tumblr or twitter for page updates. feedback is always welcome and comments just make me melt. please share it with anyone you think would be interested. or be annoying and share it with everyone else too C: