Size: Varies by breed
Diet: ???
Temperament: ???
Human relations: Feared and revered religious symbols. Dragon attacks on towns and individuals are commonplace. A select few have managed to tame dragons as mounts and companions.
Attributes: Features vary widely, but generally possess six limbs—four legs and two flightless wings—horns, a tapering tail, and two eyes with slitted pupils. Some reports indicate the ability to breathe fire or lightning.
Size: 10-13ft (3-4m) long
Diet: Herbivore—cacti, shrubbery, ferns, grain
Temperament: Docile, cautious
Human relations: Domesticated, though escaped herds exist. Used widely as riding animals and beasts of burden. Some areas consume their eggs as food.
Attributes: Pointed teeth to puncture cacti and sheer leaves from branches. Horns/crests and coloration that vary by breed. Gallop speed of 25mph (40kph), with a sprint speed of up to 45mph (72kph). Moderate intelligence displayed in memorizing and reacting to dozens of commands.
lesser ring-tailed RAMPH
Size: 3-4ft (1m) long
Diet: Insectivore, scavenger
Temperament: Curious
Human relations: This species of ramph has become dependent on human establishments, eating garbage and building nests on roofs. they would be considered more of a pest if they didn’t eat more troublesome insects.
Attributes: Powered flight and manipulating claws. other species of ramph vary widely in size, appearance, and niche.
Size: 10-12ft (3-3.5m) long
Diet: Herbivore–shrubbery, grass
Temperament: Nervous, prone to stampede
Human relations: Domesticated in most areas. Used for meat, eggs, leather, and the algae that grows on their backs.
Attributes: Named for the symbiotic relationship with the unique algae used by humans as a seasoning and preservative. Wild herds are said to have a more flavorful algae. Natural prey of the sailback.
Size: 6-9ft (2-3m) long
Diet: Carnivore– large game, livestock, and humans
Temperament: Aggressive, territorial
Human relations: Nuisance to livestock and travelers. Captured and kept as guard animals (mostly by criminals), but never truly tamed.
Attributes: Hunts in packs that range from 5-20 members. High social intelligence and strict dominance hierarchy instincts, including a rudimentary language consisting of hisses, grunts, and clicks. Keen olfactory sense. Strong and locking jaw.