here there be dragons

Dragondove is not about destiny or gun fights, but choices and mistakes, and the struggle of determining the right roads to take. Dragons wander the wasteland, seeking the souls of sinners, or so they say. A girl called Lucky doesn’t believe that’s the whole story, so she skips town, looking to wrangle herself some adventure, mystery, and a dragon of her own.

This fantasy-western comic explores mystical creatures, exotic landscapes, and magical artifacts while maintaining an action-adventure theme. Focusing primarily on LGBTQ characters, Dragondove aims to engage the tried and true fantasy tropes without all the usual baggage.

Updates Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Drawn in pencil and colored with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Les Valiant is some jerk who draws this thing. Resides in the Pacific Northwest and ranches dinosaurs on the side. Certified lesbian.